Municipal fiber networks

How Municipalities Can Benefit From Fiber Optics

There’s no doubt that internet access benefits communities. Limited internet connectivity means limited educational opportunities, limited access to information, and limited communication ability. The fact remains, though, that many municipalities — especially small and rural areas — have been left without adequate internet access. Municipal fiber networks are a viable solution that offer reliable, fast, and accessible internet access for entire communities — and along with improved internet access comes improved access to opportunities. These three benefits illustrate the ways in which a fiber optic network can benefit municipalities, both large and small.

Break Dependence on Private ISPs

Private internet service providers, or ISPs, are commonly the gatekeeper to web access. In order to use the internet, individuals typically must enter into contracts with ISPs, which can be unfair and unaffordable. Municipal fiber networks allow customers and communities to break this dependence on private ISPs and establish more equitable access to the internet. This offers a number of benefits, such as the ability to:

  • Avoid arbitrary spikes in cost implemented by ISPs
  • Ensure internet is financially accessible to citizens
  • Avoid censorship and throttling that ISPs can impose

A municipal fiber network, in contrast to service provided by ISPs, is managed by local authorities and maintained with community interest in mind rather than profit. That makes it the safer, more reliable option. It also eliminates the money motive that makes internet access historically inequitable. Fiber network construction can help your community break its dependence on ISPs and implement a better system.

Keep Up With Larger Urban Areas

Unfortunately, it is true that communities who cannot keep up with larger areas often become economically depressed and see dwindling populations. Part of “keeping up” is offering residents access to the same technology and opportunities that larger cities offer residents, and that includes internet connectivity. Internet access is ubiquitous in larger city areas. Therefore, it’s imperative for smaller communities that want to attract economic development and new residents to ensure the internet is accessible in their area.

Why is internet access so important to small areas? Communities that have spotty web connectivity, in turn, have less access to job opportunities, important information, and educational opportunities that are found online. When access to these resources is compromised, the result is economic decline that can quickly devastate a small area. Implementing widespread access to the web mitigates this and offers opportunities for community growth.

Maintain Oversight Over Network

Yet another downside of ISP dependence is the inability to implement local regulations on internet use. ISPs have their own set of rules that users are subject to, but these rules may or may not align with your community guidelines. Fiber network engineers can design a municipal network in accordance with the regulations your community maintains, thus giving local authorities the ability to maintain oversight and maintain equitable access.

The ability to maintain oversight over your network also means that you can more easily hold ISPs to the same standards. If you create a standard that allows for affordable, accessible internet connectivity, ISPs will need to do the same in order to remain competitive. A municipal fiber optic network can thus improve internet access across the board, whether users connect with fiber optics or an ISP.

Ensure Internet Access for All Communities

Internet access is one of the most valuable resources a community can have. With it comes access to education, information, and opportunities. When that connectivity is regulated by an ISP, though, it can be unfair and inaccessible. Municipal fiber networks resolve this issue and provide equitable internet access for communities, including small and rural areas that may not otherwise be able to access the web.

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