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Choosing A Company To Build The Fiber Network

If you’ve made the choice to invest in fiber optics, and you’re ready to get the ball rolling, you might wonder which provider is the best. There are likely multiple companies offering installation in your area, and researching reviews can only offer so much information. There are a few other factors you can look at when you’re considering fiber optic network contractors. Fiber construction requires expertise and precision, so pay attention to the following three criteria when you are deliberating on which company to entrust with the job.

Consider Their Level of Experience

One of the first factors you should consider when you are shopping for network contractors is the level of experience each one has in fiber optic installation. A company that has extensive experience with jobs similar to yours will certainly be able to provide you with details about the work they’ve done.

There are many different applications for fiber optic networks, so just because a contracting company is experienced, it does not mean they have experience in the type of installation your job requires. It is important to describe the job in as much detail as you can and ask a prospective contractor whether or not their company has ever completed similar jobs. If so, ask for details, and gauge the level of experience they seem to have in the field.

Look at the Breadth of Expertise

In addition to assessing a prospective contractor’s level of experience, you should assess their breadth of expertise. A contractor who has extensive experience installing fiber optic utility lines may be less equipped to take on a fiber optic broadband network installation. You should select a provider who is specialized in the specific fiber optic application your job requires, and they should be knowledgeable in all aspects of fiber optic network design, too.

Ensure They Are Certified and Qualified

An important yet often overlooked factor is the certification of a fiber contractor. If you are hiring a company to install a fiber optic system, you should ensure that all their technicians are fiber-optic certified. The Fiber Optic Association issues this certification, and it requires the following qualifications

  • Experience testing and installing fiber networks
  • Two years of experience in the field of fiber optics
  • Documentation of professional training in fiber optics

Technicians who have completed these requirements are eligible to apply for FOA CFOT® certification. When you hire certified contractors, you can be sure you have qualified professionals working on the job who will get it done with precision and expertise.

Research the Method of Deployment

Lastly, you should research the method of deployment that a prospective contractor specializes in. There are typically two methods of fiber optic network deployment — greenfield and brownfield. Greenfield refers to the implementation of a fiber optic network in an entirely new system, whereas brownfield is the implementation of a network on top of an existing network — for example, power lines. Determine what type of deployment your project will require and opt for a contractor with experience in that type of implementation.

Choose a Fiber Optics Provider Who Delivers

Choosing a provider for the installation of a fiber optic network is a difficult choice. You want a contractor who brings experience and expertise to the job, and you also want technicians who are certified and qualified. You can find a provider who satisfies all of these criteria. Entrusting your fiber construction to the right network contractors is a decision you won’t regret. V1 Fiber is the provider of choice for new fiber optic projects of all kinds. To learn about our expertise, you can reach out online or call us at (828) 299-0808.

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