Fiber Optic Construction & Engineering – Our Services

V1 Fiber offers a comprehensive suite of fiber construction and engineering, emergency and maintenance services, and network solutions for the telecommunications and broadband industries.

OSP Design Engineering

V1 Fiber’s OSP Engineers provide construction and maintenance of plant infrastructure, design, and engineering. Our OSP team will also provide a route analysis of your underground and aerial fiber optic installation projects.

Aerial Fiber & Underground Construction

V1 Fiber excels in aerial fiber and underground telecommunications construction. Leveraging years of industry experience and advanced equipment, we’ve successfully executed thousands of overhead and subterranean projects. We’re committed to delivering quality work on time and within budget, making us your reliable partner for all telecom infrastructure needs.

Fiber Optic Testing & Splicing

We offer extensive fiber optic splicing capabilities with cutting-edge equipment giving our teams the ability to service even the most remote plants. All fiber splicing is fully documented, and every customer is provided with a Proof of Performance document upon completion.

LiDAR Technology

Our VG4D Smart LiDAR is a complete end-to-end software solution for all different types of LiDAR/Point Cloud datasets. It is designed to identify any data collection issues in the field, ensure accuracy, and use accurate datasets to optimize workflow.

Small Cell Engineering & Construction

V1 Fiber offers small cell wireless engineering services that can enhance network capacity and coverage with minimal invasiveness. Our team expertly designs, installs, and maintains these compact cellular stations, optimizing placement for maximum coverage. With a focus on future-proofing, our small cell solutions not only boost current connectivity but also lay the groundwork for next-generation networks like 5G, providing a sustainable solution for long-term network performance.

Underground Trenching & Directional Boring

V1 Fiber utilizes advanced trenchless technologies for the installation of fiber optic networks, minimizing disruption to the surrounding environment. Our expertise extends to installing fiber beneath structures like buildings and highways, as well as natural obstacles like bodies of water and rock formations. Our comprehensive service suite also includes trenchless installation and maintenance of water lines, sewer services, and sprinkler systems.

Project Design & Consulting

Our Design & Consulting team works with each of our clients to map out the work process for your custom fiber business solutions. V1 Fiber offers our clients peace of mind knowing we manage everything from permitting to designing and implementing the project. V1 Fiber offers field engineering, mapping services, strand mapping, as-built information, radiofrequency, and fiber optic design.

Emergency & Maintenance Services

V1 Fiber offers crews on standby that are prepared at a moment’s notice to take care of emergency needs for telecom fiber. From hurricanes and ice storms to accidents, V1 Fiber is there to help. V1 Fiber also offers a maintenance agreement program where we are first responders for our priority clients 24/7, 365 days a year.

EV Engineering & Installation

V1 Fiber offers smart charging and energy-efficient turnkey solutions with Autel EV Charging. Whether it’s for your home or business, EV charging works to improve renewable energy infrastructure.

Other Wireless Projects

V1 Fiber has a full suite of wireless services such as FWA, Wi-Fi, IoT, and more to customize any client’s project.

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Antenna & Line Installation & Maintenance

We provide comprehensive antenna and line installation services for fiber optic systems, ensuring seamless connectivity and performance. Leveraging our industry-leading expertise, we adeptly handle everything from new installations to system upgrades, ensuring your fiber optic network operates at peak efficiency.

New Site Builds

V1 Fiber specializes in new site builds for wireless and cell tower services. Our process includes identifying optimal sites, negotiating leases and access agreements, and managing site permits. Our skilled engineers provide meticulous structural analysis, detailed design, and construction drawings to ensure a robust and efficient cell tower infrastructure. We’re committed to quality and innovation, making us your ideal partner for wireless connectivity solutions.

Structural & Tower Modifications

Our tower modification services range from bolt-on changes to complex welding projects designed to augment and reinforce the structure of towers. These modifications can include split pipe additions, X-bracing, bridge stiffeners, member replacement, anchor reinforcements, and even foundation adjustments. Our specialized technicians are trained for these modifications and are overseen by qualified engineers to ensure safety and structural integrity.

Microwave Installation & Configuration

Our microwave installation and configuration services involve the setup of microwave communication systems, including installing microwave antennas, aligning them for optimal signal strength, and configuring the system to meet specific communication needs. This process requires specialized technical knowledge to ensure efficient and reliable data transmission.

Other Wireless Projects

V1 Fiber has a full suite of wireless services such as FWA, Wi-Fi, IoT, and more to customize any client’s project.
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