Fiber Optic Networks for Business

Fiber Optic Networks for Business

5 Key Benefits of a Fiber Optic Network for Your Business

In any modern office, access to the internet is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. As businesses rely on more and more data transmission on a daily basis, internet providers must find ways to provide better performance across their networks. While 5G has become an industry leader for wireless data transmission, the highest speeds still come from wired connections. Specifically, the best internet access you can get for your company is a fiber optic internet connection, and the many benefits it provides.


1) Faster, Stronger Signals in All Conditions

When you rely on your high speed internet the last thing you want to deal with is an inconsistent level of performance. If you can’t rely on your broadband to deliver at all times, then you can’t rely on it at any time. When comparing fiber optic lines with copper lines, fiber optic lines will win every time!

Fiber optic connections are capable of running at higher speeds than copper wire networks. Additionally, fiber optic lines are better at maintaining signal strength. Although any line will lose some intensity of signal the farther it is from the source, the loss is significantly less with fiber optic lines. That means your computers and devices are getting the highest possible speeds. A fiber optic network is also more resilient than older systems, capable of handling more extreme weather without a noticeable dip in performance. It also operates with fewer time-wasting delays during data transmission.


2) The Best Way to Access the Cloud

Modern businesses rely on the cloud in many ways. Not only is an exterior back-up of your important information a vital part of ensuring you do not lose it, but cloud access is also an excellent way to complete collaborative work, or access files while you are away from the office. If you’re going to rely on the cloud, however, you need to know that you will always have access to your files. There is no better way to access data stored remotely than with a high speed, reliable fiber optic network connection.

3) Higher Bandwidth Caps for Unrestricted Use

The increased capabilities of fiber optic broadband connections means they usually come with higher levels of bandwidth allocation and better performance as you near your caps. Businesses facing a cap are given the difficult decision of paying for costly overage data or limiting access. By significantly raising your caps you allow your business to function the way it is meant to, without concern for how much data you use.


4) Faster Connections in Both Directions

When the internet was first becoming an everyday part of most lives, the majority of users had little need for uploading. When it came to allocating the limited resources of a connection, the standard practice became disproportionate, and download speed was often capped as much as ten times higher than upload speed.

Today, it is increasingly likely that your employees will need to upload information as well as download it. With a fiber optic network there is no need to severely limit the upload speeds, meaning your important uploads get finished faster, allowing work to resume as quickly as possible.


5) The Bottom Line is the Ultimate Beneficiary

Although the benefits of a fiber optic broadband connection for your office are varied and cover many different facets of a business, the end product is still the same. Better connections lead to better productivity for employees making use of those connections. Better productivity means more profitability for your company.

Every day that passes with your company using an old fashioned computer network is a day of wasted opportunity. Once connected to a fiber optic network, your business is positioned to succeed at levels unmatched on your old network. Stop wasting time and money on your old network. Make the switch to fiber optic internet today.

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