Fiber Engineering

V1 Fiber provides comprehensive fiber engineering services to the telecommunications and power industries as well as the construction and maintenance of plant infrastructure and design. Our services include underground and aerial fiber installation projects. Learn more about V1 Fiber engineering and the advantages we can provide your business or industry!

Engineering Services We Offer

Our team offers field engineering, mapping services, and more for the construction and design of fiber optic cables. V1 Fiber also offers Small Cell Engineering for an option that is minimally invasive to improve wireless connections inside and outside.

We currently provide engineering and construction services to the top 3 major 5G network engineering services. Discover how our fiber engineering services contribute to a better 5G network below.

Our comprehensive fiber engineering and construction services include:

  • OSP Design Engineering
  • Aerial & Underground Construction
  • Fiber Optic Testing & Splicing
  • LiDAR
  • Small Cell Engineering
  • Trenching & Directional Boring
  • Project Design & Consulting
  • Emergency & Maintenance Services
  • Other Wireless Services

How Fiber Supports 5G

As more people throughout the globe enjoy access to the internet and the usage of smart devices increases everywhere, it is important to have capable networks that are ready to support more users.

5G is the fifth generation of wireless networks that operates faster and more efficiently than previous options. The system enables faster encryption and broader bandwidth by taking advantage of high and low-frequency radio waves. It also has more cell sites connected to fiber optic networks to allow for more specialized use in a given area. Users of 5G networks can expect a significant speed increase with the higher speed of fiber. Fiber optic networks were designed to transfer data at lightning speeds, making it a better option to support billions of new internet users.

Why You Should Replace Less Reliable Copper Wire or Coaxial Cables with Fiber

Copper wire networks are older, slower, and less reliable. Fiber networks are quickly replacing these. These are created using two layers of glass to allow one layer to transmit data and one to receive.

Copper networks can carry information as fast as an electrical impulse, and fiber makes use of lasers to send information close to the speed of light. An email can reach an intercontinental receiver in just seconds, opening the door to better communication nationally and internationally.

While coaxial cables are inexpensive and easy to use, they are bigger and bulkier than fiber. Fiber networks have a smaller cross-sectional size that can go through a smaller conduit.

The use of fiber optics over copper or coaxial has many advantages, including: a

  • High carrying capacity
  • Immunity to electromagnetic interference
  • Ability to transmit unlimited amounts of information
  • Longer transmission distance

All of these features make fiber the better choice for the tower-to-network portion of telecommunications.

The Many Uses of Fiber

While we specialize in fiber construction for the communication industries, there are several other uses of fiber optics including the following:

Medical – Fiber optics can be useful for allowing doctors to explore the inner workings of the body through insertion into tiny spaces such as the blood vessels and lungs.

Networking – Fiber optic cable transmits more data at higher speeds and better accuracy, which is helpful for networking as a part of communication.

Industrial – Fibers are ideal for the sensory devices needed in commercial and industrial settings. They are also common for broadcasting and cable companies.

Government – Governments around the globe use fiber for SONAR as well as for wiring in submarines, planes, and other vehicles that require precision and no interference. Governments and municipalities can take advantage of The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), which injects billions of dollars into the construction and operation of rural broadband networks.

Whatever your industry’s need, V1 Fiber engineers can accomplish your project for higher speeds, increased clarity, and an overall network boost.

Fiber Engineering for Your Business

Switching over to fiber is an obvious choice for businesses looking to stay on the cutting edge and enjoy the many benefits of newer technology. If your company has the intention to increase your telecommunication speeds in the near future, it will be imperative to invest in fiber cables. The U.S. is still in the process of switching from outdated copper cables to high-speed fiber optic networks. While the initial investment is high for the engineering and construction of these networks, there are numerous benefits that will set your business ahead of the competition. Some of the many advantages of fiber optic include the following:

  1. Higher Speeds

Traditional copper internet services advertise high speeds, but they pale in comparison to the speed of fiber optic cables. We can help you engineer a fiber optic network that maintains a higher speed even when internet access is in high demand resulting in faster service for customers and more productive employees. This helps your bottom line!

2. More Reliable

DSL internet connections and cable internet rely on good weather to operate successfully. Fiber optic wiring is stronger and can stand up to inclement weather longer, offering your business a better connection that will be more reliable.

3. Better Bandwidth Options

Even if you think your provider offers unlimited bandwidth, they will slow down your copper-wired internet speeds when you reach a cap. Fiber provides significantly higher bandwidth that makes it easier to share files, stream high-def content, use cloud applications, hold internet web conference calls, and more.

4.Fewer Latency Problems

Your business will experience latency issues with traditional copper-wired internet. This may look like slow-moving downloads or uploads. Fiber optic internet avoids processing delays making online collaboration amongst employees easier.

5. Better Cloud Access

Many businesses use customer relationship management tools that are hosted in the cloud. This demands a strong internet service that is accessible 24/7 to meet the needs of your customers. Fiber optic internet ensures full-time access to your customers, employees, and business information. Having faster cloud-hosted management tools leads to a better experience on both sides of your business.

6. Stronger Signals

Many businesses with traditional cable or DSL internet services will notice a weak signal that worsens the further the user is from the main modem. You could invest in more signal boosters throughout your building to combat this, or you could solve the problem with fiber optic internet. Fiber offers a stronger signal with fewer boosters, meaning you will get better internet service and ultimately spend less on internet costs.

7. Cost Savings

One of the biggest advantages of fiber for businesses is the cost savings. Having a faster internet connection is better for the workflow of your employees to boost your productivity. It also contributes to better customer satisfaction as they can expect faster, more reliable service. This leads to better growth and profit for your business.

Talk to our team to discuss how our fiber engineering services can help your business. We will work with you to engineer a fiber optic network that meets your needs and stays within your budget.

Choose V1 Fiber for Your Engineering Needs

Fiber is the future.

It offers a variety of network solutions that allow for communication over greater distances, greater productivity, reliability, and a system ready to support future technologies. V1 Fiber offers comprehensive fiber engineering services, but it doesn’t stop there. We can also construct and maintain your fiber optic network.

Our management team offers 70 years of combined experience in the telecom construction business. We are supported by highly-trained field supervisors and technicians. Our experience, knowledge, and skills combine to accomplish your fiber project on time and within your specific budget.

Contact V1 Fiber today for a quote on engineering services. We have built thousands of miles of fiber optic plants across the U.S. and we are ready to help you enjoy the advantages of a newer, better network!