Guide to Fiber Construction

V1 Fiber provides telecommunications construction services to power and communication clients. We have become a leader in the industry with over 70 years of combined experience in our management team and a team of specialized field technicians. Our locations are based in the U.S. and we have built thousands of miles of fiber optic plants throughout the country to support businesses and industries looking for a better network to support 5G and future technologies that require higher internet speeds, greater network durability, and more bandwidth.

Learn more about fiber optic cables and why these are becoming increasingly important in our high-tech society.

V1 Fiber Construction Services

Are you searching for help with the following services?

  • Plowing/Trenching/Directional drilling
  • Conduit/Manhole Systems
  • Aerial construction
  • Local and Wide Area Networks
  • Emergency call out and repair
  • Maintenance and removal of existing telephone plant
  • Make ready engineering and construction
  • Wireless Construction
  • And more fiber construction services

Our team specializes in fiber optic network construction and installation. V1 Fiber offers extensive fiber optic splicing capabilities with cutting-edge equipment. Our teams have the ability to service even the most remote plants. All fiber splicing is fully documented and every customer is provided with a Proof of Performance document upon completion. We also offer trenchless technologies that allow for the installation with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. Service can be placed below buildings, highways, bodies of water, and rock.

Our complete list of services includes:

  • OSP Design Engineering
  • Aerial & Underground Construction
  • Fiber Optic Testing & Splicing
  • LiDAR
  • Small Cell Engineering
  • Trenching & Directional Boring
  • Project Design & Consulting
  • Emergency & Maintenance Services
  • Other Wireless Services

The Demand for Fiber Optics

Over half of the world’s population has internet access and smart devices are becoming increasingly common. 5G capable networks are ready to support billions of new users. This technology demands connections that can handle intense workloads with maximum efficiency. Older networks made up of copper wire or coaxial cables simply cannot support the future with slower speeds and less reliability.

Fiber optics are designed to transfer data at lightning-fast speeds to bring you up to 800 GBPS. These newer networks offer a high carrying capacity, immunity to electromagnetic interference, and the ability to transmit unlimited amounts of information at nearly the speed of light.

Fiber optics have revolutionized communications nationally and internationally. They lay the groundwork for a future that will continue to support untold connections and the most advanced technologies.

How these Connections Work

Fiber optic cables are made with hair-thin strands of optically pure glass that are bundled to transmit information at lightning speeds. The highly reflective environment allows for faster travel up to speeds of 800 gigabits per second (GBPS). This speed could support more advanced cloud computing, machine learning, better upload and download speeds, video streaming, and more.

Industries that Use Fiber Optics

 While fiber optic cables have been widely used for the telecommunication industry, they are beneficial for a variety of industries. A few examples include the following:

Medical – The tiny, flexible strands can be used by doctors to explore the inner workings of the human body. Fiber optics are useful for insertion into blood vessels, lungs, and other tiny spaces.

Networking – Fiber optic cable is popular for networking servers together because it transmits more data with higher speed and accuracy.

Industrial – Fibers work well in commercial and industrial settings as they are excellent for sensory devices.

Government – Governments around the world use fiber optics for their SONAR as well as for wiring machinery and vehicles that require precision and no interference. The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) is an initiative designed to inject billions of dollars into the construction and operation of rural broadband networks for governments and municipalities.

Are you curious about what fiber construction could do for your industry? Talk to our engineers about the extensive uses of fiber optic networks today.

Fiber Construction for Your Business

Businesses everywhere are leaning on fiber for higher speeds with increased clarity. Fiber is currently only available in certain areas of the country on the East Coast, but it will continue to replace older copper networks. Companies that don’t start thinking about making the jump to fiber risk being left behind. Investors are moving toward more fiber as communication is being revolutionized locally and globally.

While the initial fiber construction investment will be high, the potential that comes with a fiber optic network makes it a cost-effective solution. Take a look at some of the biggest advantages of fiber for your business or industry:

  • Higher Internet Speeds
    • Traditional copper internet services advertise high speeds, but they are no match for fiber optic internet speeds. With fiber, your system won’t slow down when internet access is in high demand. This leads to faster service for your customers, more productive employees, and an overall better experience for your business.
  • More Reliable Internet
    • Fiber optic wiring is stronger than copper and can stand up to inclement weather. This creates a more reliable connection regardless of high winds, rain, or snow. It is even more resistant to electrical interference.
  • Better Bandwidth
    • No internet service offers truly unlimited bandwidth, but fiber optic provides significantly higher bandwidth limits. This makes it easier to share files, use cloud applications, stream content, and hold web calls without slowing down.
  • Less Lagging
    • Latency occurs when the connection experiences delays while trying to process data. Copper-wired internet leads to a lot of latency issues, but fiber optic internet prevents this.
  • Better Cloud Access
    • As more and more business tools utilize tools hosted in the cloud, a stronger internet service is needed. Fiber optic internet ensures better access to your customer relationship management tools and other cloud-hosted management tools.
  • Stronger Signals
    • Fiber optic allows for stronger signals with fewer boosters. Your business could actually save money on internet costs and enjoy better service by switching to fiber.
  • Long-Term Cost Savings
    • It has been proven that faster internet connections lead to greater employee productivity and more customer satisfaction. Investing in fiber optic internet provides the speed and clarity your business needs to boost your bottom line and enjoy long-term benefits.

Fiber optic cables offer a variety of network solutions that are beneficial in homes and businesses across the country. They offer fast data transmission, stronger signals, and the ability to enable communication over greater distances. Their wide range of uses makes them more easily accessible, and a more reliable tool.

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V1 Fiber is committed to excellence in build, rebuild, and upgrade projects. Our construction services are comprehensive and turn-key, meaning you could get your fiber optic system installed within a matter of hours and ready to use right after installation

When you go with the right company, the construction process can be easy. Our team offers a comprehensive suite of services that can be personalized for the specific needs of your business or industry. We have over 70 years of combined telecom construction experience and our top-trained field supervisors and technicians can install fiber in even the most remote and challenging environments. This means we can accomplish any project within your designated budget! 

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