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Fiber Optics And Telecom Solutions

Fiber Optics And Telecommunications

When you’re looking to take your company or business to the next level of productivity and profit, fiber optic cable, FTTP and telecom solutions are critical to your success. In today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing business world, information needs to be available to you wherever you are – and fast!


Five Compelling Reasons to Embrace Fiber

If you own a long-standing business, it’s likely you’re still processing information over copper cables. If you haven’t yet considered investing in fiber optic cable, here are five compelling reasons to make the switch:



Light is the foundation of fiber optics. While information isn’t processed at the exact speed of light using these kinds of cables, it’s only about one-third slower.



It’s a known fact that fiber optic solutions can carry more data than copper cables of a similar dimension. Think about the possibilities for increased information input and output!



By their nature, fiber optic telecom solutions can really go the distance. In comparison with copper cables that can carry signals for a little more than 300 feet, some fiber optics, depending on their type, network, and wavelength, can carry signals for miles.



Ever had issues with information transmission over copper cables due to weather conditions or fluctuating temperatures? Happily, you won’t have to worry about that with fiber because it is immune to temperature fluctuations, dampness, and extreme weather conditions.



Thanks to a thin, lightweight nature, fiber telecom solutions are more flexible and durable than their copper counterparts. With less risk of breakage and damage, you’re bound to get more bang for your buck in the long term.


The Future Is Fiber

While fiber as a stand-alone alternative to copper is compelling, it’s an even more compelling solution when you consider the future of information networks. According to experts in the field, 5G (wireless networking’s fifth generation) will merge the short distances between future mobile services and broadband and the fiber network.

In the years to come, fiber telecom solutions will become the hero of the wireless network. It’s all thanks to their ability to carry signals to and from the low-cost, low-power, small cell 5G sites, which use high-frequency millimeter waves within a small coverage area.

Fiber optic and 5G wireless are complementary, providing users with superior internet experiences regardless of their fixed or mobile status. 5G provides mobility for fiber, and fiber provides 5G with its scope and potential.


The Future is Now

Experts predict that 5G technology will become available in test markets in 2019 and report that some urban areas already have fiber in place. Whether or not you and your business or locale are already invested in fiber optic solutions, it’s worth taking a look at the possibilities of incorporating it into your budget.

While you may not be ready to make the leap from copper to fiber optic cable telecom solutions today, it’s a change you should consider, especially if you want to remain competitive with your peers while using FTTP at home and abroad.

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